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[blockquote]”Never promise a mouse cheese on a Sunday cause by Friday night, it will be squeaking at your door.”
Charmaine J Forde[/blockquote]

For those with a sensitivity to cheese, there is a delicious reward waiting for you. Say Cheese Fromagerie carries a dozen of the most delicious varieties, from soft and semi-soft to hard. All are created with the same care and attention to artisanal detail. That means, you get all the taste and the pleasure no matter how you slice it.

Appenzeller – A hard cheese made from raw, grass-fed cow’s milk, this is a signature cheese with a lovely but strong nutty flavour. It’s slightly fruity and can range from classic to extra age.

Appenzeller Silver – A bit flowery, spicy, with a sharp finish, this version is aged two to four months, and is more subtle than the gold variety.

Appenzeller Gold – Aged six months or longer than the silver version, this a beautiful ivory yellow cheese, more piquant and nutty, with a reddish brown rind.

Cave Aged Gruyére – Rich, sweet, nutty and with a long finish, this wonderful lactose-free, raw-milk cheese is made with milk from grass-fed cows.

Emmentaler – This lovely pale yellow raw milk cheese from Switzerland is also lactose-free. Made from milk from grass-fed cows, it has a mild, natural and nutty taste, and becomes more piquant as the cheese ages. This cheese melts so well, and is often blended with Gruyere for fondue.

Esrom – Also known as Danish Port Salut is a buttery yellow, semi-soft cow’s milk (and lactose-free!) with a full pungent aroma sweet taste. Tiny holes give it a light airy texture, perfect for a cheese plate melting on your favourite sandwich, casserole or appetizer. Pair with a dark ale or hearty red.

Fontina (Smoked) – This lactose-free cheese made of cow’s milk is earthy, mushroomy, with a slightly smoked wood taste. It goes well with roasted meats, pastas, nachos, on pizza, sandwiches and appetizers. Say Cheese Fromagerie offers a Danish Fontina that is just the bomb. Make sure to ask the staff for a taste.

Gouda (Smoked, Caraway, Jalapeno, Young) – Lactose-free, and made from cow’s milk, Gouda is a versatile cheese that is full-flavored, with a hard golden interior and salty flavour reminiscent of a toffee. Young Gouda goes well with ale and beer, while the medium Goudas are best when paired with a fruity Riesling, Chenin Blanc or a Shiraz or Merlot. You’ll find a variety of naturally flavoured Goudas at Say Cheese Fromagerie, which will become a regular staple in your fridge.

Gruyere – Hard, yellow, and mellow, this cow’s milk cheese is sweet and fruity, then reveals a fruity and nutty finish. It is an Alpine cheese, goes well with a full-bodied white wine, soft to medium reds, or standing on its own with sweet or savoury. Most popular in fondues and killer in a burger or grilled sandwich.

Gruyere (Smoked) – This version of the classic is smoked in brick ovens with hickory wood. Sensational with beer, this hard cheese has an edible, brown rind and a creamy, yellow interior. It also is a great pair with salty and sweet nuts, dark chocolate and fruit. Fantastic in sandwiches and on top or tucked inside burgers. A lovely surprise when you take a bite.

Lappi – This lactose-free version, like the regular, is very mild, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. Great on a sandwich, melts lovingly, with a neutral semi-sweet flavour. Say Cheese’s version is also low fat!

Le Marechal This lactose-free choice is firm, robust and flavourful, made with raw, grass-fed cow’s milk. It’s perfect for picnics and goes great with a glass of dry white. Marechal is a terrific Alpine cheese that finishes with nutty and herby notes.

Tête de Moine Remember French class? Then you’ll know the name of this cheese literally means “monk’s head”. A semi-hard, raw-milk, grass fed and lactose-free cow’s milk cheese has a smooth texture and taste, and can be smeared across a baguette, with fruit and meats or simply enjoyed on its own. Served with your shaving knife called a “Girolle” or “Pirouette” (no cutting here!), the texture melts a bit in your mouth. An interesting note: monks used the cheese as a method of payment starting in the 12th century.

Vacherin Fribougois AOP A raw cow’s milk cheese (also, lactose-free) is created in the Alps and on the Freiburg high plateau in Switzerland. This lovely cheese offers a subtle and complex blend of floral and creamy tones. A must-have on your next cheeseboard.

*We’re always adding new and surprising lactose-free cheese selections, so check back with Say Cheese to see what’s in store.


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