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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Olives[/title] [frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Cheese-Shop-Pix-036.jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”196″ alt=”” align=”left” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]The hottest item on a food platter, we provide a tasty array of olives that go with practically everything. Enjoy tastes like Greek Kalamata, French, black and green herbed. brilliant Cerignola.

Stuffed olives include lemon, almond, chipotle, jalapeno and garlic, and many others. Say Cheese also has its own house blend of five delicious olives which goes wonderfully with all types of cheese. Enjoy these with fresh cheese, oils, nuts, and baguettes delivered from La Boulangerie to Say Cheese every day the market is open. Grab a couple at the till on your way out.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Vinegars[/title]

[frame src=”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”300″ height=”265″ alt=”” align=”right” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]Add some zip to your dressings, salads and appetizers with our wide variety of vinegars: balsamic glazes and delicious reductions in red and white, fruited blends, apple cider, sherry and herb.

Drizzle a perfectly aged balsamic or reduction over fresh fruit and mascarpone, ricotta cheese or ice cream, goat cheese on toast, or on cooked pork or chicken over rice. It’s amazing. Don’t forget about the simplicity of vinegar–with a fresh baguette, a rich Italian extra virgin olive oil, and you’ve got a winner.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Mustards[/title] [frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/cheese-platter-wide.jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”196″ alt=”” align=”left” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]
Spicy, sweet, grainy, smooth, hot and herbed–peer through the shelves of go-withs at Say Cheese Fromagerie and you’ll find varieties of mustards that will delight and entertain you.

Go ahead–consult with our cheese specialists in our recommendations to accompany your menu needs, including pairing with charcuterie, breads, crackers, wine and ale.

Stop by any one of the charcuterie vendors in the market to add some great pairings with your mustards. Don’t forget to grab a fresh baguette–baked every morning at La Boulangerie and delivered to Say Cheese.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Crackers[/title]

[frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Crackers-1920.jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”350″ height=”240″ alt=”” align=”right” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]The best thing about cheese is what goes with it.

At Say Cheese, there are dozens of choices of crackers and biscuits–made with an amazing variety of ingredients such as cheese, wheat, rice, polenta and flavoured with herbs, garlic, fruit, nuts and more. We also have some great gluten-free choices that will have your guests returning regularly.

The choice of cracker does matter in pairing with cheese. Stronger crackers can hold up to the weight of a hard cheese and more delicate crackers will complement soft varieties, dips and jams. Our staff can make some great recommendations for the best pairings of crackers with the types of cheese you want to serve.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Oils[/title]

[frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Cheese-Shop-Pix-021.jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”250″ height=”320″ alt=”” align=”left” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]Oils are the most wonderful addition to Say Cheese. Olive, sesame, chili, herbed…you name it, we carry a wonderful array of natural imported oils to accent your favourite appetizer, salad, or main dish. We carry such famous flavours such as avocado, walnut, basil, almond, and yes–the most exquisite truffle infused oil you’ve ever tasted.

TASTY PICK! Olive oil fanatics will want to drizzle Il Casaolare Grezzo Natural Biologica. This sexy Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered, awesome on pasta, salads, breads, and meats. Direct from Italy via Central Madonna Del Puglia.

Important tips to preserve olive oil: When you crack open a bottle of olive oil, depending on its quality, oxidation begins and accelerates, leading to the oil degrading quickly. Keep your oil in a closed bottle and keep away from light and heat sources. You can refrigerate it if you wish. Fill a lovely bottle and keep it stored in a dark, cool place tightly closed. (Source: www.oliveoilsource.com)

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Dips, Spreads, Jams & Chutneys[/title]
[frame src=”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”225″ alt=”” align=”right” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]What a great way to add some extra flair to your host plate. Choose from fruity and floral jams and jellies, tapenade, chutneys, capers, caperberries…the list goes on and on. Asiago and artichoke dip, roasted red pepper dip, and baba ghanouj…the three amigos with tasty crackers and breads.

This is just a sampling of the many go-with products available at Say Cheese. Visit us weekly to see what’s in store! We’re always adding new tasty varieties.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Pasta[/title]
[frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/file6291321297304.jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”196″ alt=”” align=”left” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]What goes best with cheese? Why, pasta, of course!

Say Cheese has a variety of organic and gluten-free pastas which will add incredible taste, fibre and quality to your dinner tonight.

Choose from various flavours and widths, and don’t forget to ask us advice on boiling points as well as recommendations for the best cheese to cling to those lovely strands.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Beverages[/title]

[frame src=”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”240″ alt=”” align=”right” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]Festive, delicious and alcohol-free, Say Cheese carries a variety of naturally-flavoured and organic red and white (non-alcoholic) wines, sparkling waters, infused beverages and juices.

These go so well with your cheese, fruit, crackers and baguettes you pick up from our shop at Crossroads Market. Chat with our staff to determine the best choices with your cheese purchase.

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Organic Dairy[/title] [frame src=”http://www.wolfgangreger.ca/Clients/saycheesefromagerie/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Dairy..jpg” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”273″ height=”196″ alt=”” align=”left” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]The best thing about shopping at Say Cheese is that we regularly offer organic dairy products, some of which are locally made. Choose from fresh milk, Kefir, yogurt, 52% cream, buttermilk and butter.

Say Cheese even offers Canadian and local goat milk, goat yogurt, plain and flavoured chevre and goat butter. Looking for that grey sea-salted butter you had in France? it’s also in our dairy case, close to the Quebec duck fat. Perfect for frying your potatoes for poutine. Oooh la la!

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[title type=”h2″ class=””]Salts[/title]

[frame src=”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”400″ height=”295″ alt=”” align=”right” class=”” prettyphoto=”false”]Salt plays an important part in the culinary tasting experience. Why not invest in some incredible natural salts at Say Cheese?

Choose from our variety of salts to boost pleasure to the eye and to your palette. Choose from grey sea salt from France, Maldon flakes, Malden Smoked Sea Salt and other varieties from time to time. They offer rare moisture, mineral and crystalline qualities that will complement your menu (including your cheese plate) and add texture, depth, earthiness and beauty.