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[blockquote]”“I was one of those. I meddled with dark powers. I summoned demons. I ate the entire little cheese, including the rind.”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear [/blockquote]

Soft cheese is the smooth operator of the cheese world. Made with cream from cow, goat, sheep or water buffalo milk, they usually come in beautiful rounds, easy to slice into, spread and enjoy. Their textures can range from mild to piquante, with lingering sweetness, salt or sour, and lined with herbs, truffle, or a thin vein of bleu. “Hand over la fromage de la belle France…” stated John Cleese in Monty Python’s famous Cheese Shop Sketch. Unfortunately, the Camembert he asked for was very runny, and the cat had eaten it. Just so you know, that will never happen at our shoppe!

Brie – Cow’s milk never tasted so smooth. A bloomy rind cheese, creamy, mild, and savoury, its perfect spread on breads, and accompanied by fresh fruit, jelly, chutney and a light chardonnay or Muscado. Offered in double and triple créme versions. You can pick up some tasty go-withs at Say Cheese. View our selection!

Brebirousse D’Argental – A French ewe pasteurized milk cheese from the Lyon region of France. A youthful brie-style cheese (30 days of aging is the average) with a washed rind. A decadent milky interior and a powdery bloom, it has a flavour that lasts past the first bite. Spreadable, an earthy/musty scent, it offers a creamy start, slightly sweet, and a bit of an assertive lingering taste. Serve with baguette and a white wine jelly.

Brillat Savarin – This French cheese is love on a cracker. A triple cream cow’s milk cheese infused with Creme Fraiche, added during the cheese making process. It’s a young cheese for one to three weeks before going to market. It combines well with a fresh white wine or Persecco. Great slathered on fresh baguette and perfect with olives or fig jam (available at Say Cheese Fromagerie). Trust us, it rocks!

– Similar to brie, Camembert presents a creamy experience, especially when ripe. Made with cow’s milk, this is another bloomy rind cheese, a voluptuous texture, it has a fragrant aroma with a slightly mushroomy, meaty taste. Delicious with cured meats, olives, breads, fruit…very versatile and universal for all palettes.

Chevre – Made with goat’s milk, chevre is mild and creamy when young, sharper and more acidic when aged. Mix in salads, omlettes, pizza, and soufflé. Perfect with Sancerre or Merlot.

Delice de Bourgogne
– So decadent, pace yourself. A triple cream French cheese made with cow’s milk and crème fraiche lends a highly creamy texture like Brillat Savarin. Rich and soft, it just melts in your mouth. Perfect with a light Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Prosecco and Frizzante.

– A really fantastic ash-coated raw milk goat cheese from Quebec. It has a light lactic and herbal aroma with a crisp, mild flavour. Pair it with chardonnay or wheat beer.

La Liberte – Another truly fine cheese from Le Fromagerie de Presbytere, located in Ste. Elizabeth de Warwick (Quebec’s Eastern Townships). This triple cream organic brie is as artisan and creamy as it gets. Serve with a nicely crusted baguette and a crisp white or full bodied beer.

Pont l’Eveque –First made in the 13th century, this French cow’s milk cheese hails from France. A soft washed rind cheese comes in a rectangular shape. Creamy, pale yellow, the texture is fine and the aroma is pungent. It’s good with a robust wine or a really fruity cider or beer.

Port Salut – Orange rind and mild in flavour, this cow’s milk cheese has a strong smell. Perfect with breads fruit and crackers, and a bright Chardonnay.

St. Albray – Close to Camembert texture and taste, but not as sharp. This cow’s milk cheese has a creamy centre when ripe, and moist and mild on breads.

St. Paulin – This semi-soft cheese, made from cow’s milk, is mild and perfect as an accompaniment to fruit and light red or white wine.

Tallegio – Studded with salt, this Italian cheese is strong tasting, but with a mild and slightly fruity finish. Made with raw or pasteurized milk.

Vacherin Fribourgeois– Lovely and rich, this soft cheese is made with cow’s milk (French/Swiss Alpine) with a slightly acidic finish. It’s made with raw milk, and has a brown rind, creamy with seductive aroma of nuts and sweet milk. It’s gorgeous to eat on its own, or warm it up and dip bread or vegetables for an impromptu fondue. It calls for a full bodied red (Cabernet) to make the experience complete.

Vacherin Mont D’or – Seasonal, made in late summer from raw ewe’s milk in Switzerland. A band of cedar holds the Mont D’or in place while imparting a robust, earthy flavour. Made in late summer to be ready for the holiday season, Say Cheese Fromagerie keeps a waiting list for this cheese, so sign up early for Christmas.

The above cheese list is part of the core lineup of selections offered at Say Cheese Fromagerie. Visit us regularly for new and exciting additions.


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