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[blockquote]”When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?”[/blockquote]

Semi-Soft cheese has a long and delicious history. With divine flexibility and staying power in entrees and appetizers, they are much adored in pasta dishes, great shredded and mixed with hard cheeses to create a unique culinary experience.

Bocconcini – A fresh Mozzarella, similar in appearance to buffalo mozza, America’s answer to Italy’s tradition. Available in the size of peas, golf balls and baseballs, but for salads, skewers or melted on a flatbread pizza.

Say Cheese Fromagerie is one of a few shops in the city to offer Fior di Latte, hand-made in Calgary. This is the queen of bocconcinis! Make sure to inquire as to availability and a taste of this fabulous creation.

Buffalo Mozzarella
– Made with water buffalo milk, soft, sold in round balls, the precursor to bocconcini. Local and imported (from Italy) available, ideal for Caprese salad or on a gourmet flatbread.

Skim Mozzarella
– Lower in fat from the average variety of Mozzarella, it is perfect on pizza with less oil.

Smoked Mozzarella
– slightly sweet, laced with a smoky flavour, perfect in grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, or just on its own.

Chaumes – This is the cheese that the earliest French Jesuits that accompanied Samuel de Champlain were trying to recreate (ironically, they ended up with Oka). Chaumes is delicious cow`s milk cheese, and is a modestly smelly cheese. Pairs well with a good mellow, dry to sweet white wine. It’s a renowned modern washed rind soft cheese from the south of France.

Feta – Cured in brine, slightly salty, and crumbly, feta is a staple in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods. Slightly grainy, it’s either made with goat, cow or sheep’s milk. It can be made with pasteurized goat, sheep, or cow’s milk.

Fleur d’Aunis
– Semi-soft and milky, this cow`s French milk cheese has an earthy flavour and best of all, it’s bathed in cognac. Great pairing with a Pinot Noir and fresh fruit.

– Starts out slightly nutty, semi-firm to hard, depending on the age. Fontina goes well in sandwiches and appetizers and any pasta dish. Made with cow’s milk. Say Cheese Fromagerie offers a Danish Fontina that is just the bomb. Make sure to ask the staff for a taste.

Friulano – A popular Italian table cheese made from cow’s milk, it’s taste is mild, subtle, and as it ages, takes on a lovely nutty flavour. Ideal in sandwiches.

Lappi – This lactose-free version, like the regular, is very mild, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. Great on a sandwich, melts lovingly, with a neutral semi-sweet flavour. Say Cheese’s version is also low fat!

Morbier – The talk of the cheese plate, this raw milk variety from France that has a distinct vein of vegetable ash through the middle. It’s made with unpasteurized cow’s milk, the taste is soft, creamy, which imparts a fresh, fruity and earthy essence. Pairs well with Beaujolais, Cotes du Rhone red and Muscadet white.

Oka Classique
– Arguably, Canada’s most famous cheese, is a result of early Jesuits attempt to create an explorer’s version of Chaumes. Made with cow`s milk, a Quebec original, slightly pungent, nutty, and with a fruity chaser, it’s fragrance goes well with platters, and is creamy and semi-soft.

Pecorino Toscano DOP – Made with aromatic sheep’s milk that comes from the Grosseto area of Italy. Delicately scented, this full-flavoured Italian cheese has a slight saltiness. Aged a minimum of four months.

The above cheese list is part of the core lineup of selections offered at Say Cheese Fromagerie. Visit us regularly for new and exciting additions.


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