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[blockquote]”The only reason I work out is live longer so I can eat more cheese and drink more wine.”
Ricky Gervais [/blockquote]

It’s time embrace gourmet cheese with the depth of flavour that raw milk offers. Say Cheese offers a lovely array of choices.

Appenzeller Gold – A hard cheese made from raw, grass-fed cow’s milk in Switzerland, this is a signature cheese with a lovely but strong nutty flavour. It’s slightly fruity and can range from classic to extra age. Aged six months or longer than the silver version, this a beautiful ivory yellow cheese, more piquant and nutty, with a reddish brown rind.

Bleu d’Elizabeth – Created from raw cow’s milk, this cheese hails from Quebec. It has a wonderful earthy taste with grassy finish.

Cave Aged Gruyére – Rich, sweet, nutty and with a long finish, this wonderful Swiss lactose-free, raw-milk cheese uses milk from grass-fed cows.

Comté – A French Gruyere made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, this semi-hard cheese has a strong, slightly sweet flavour.

Cosse Noir Roquefort – This raw sheep’s milk cheese has an outstanding, creamy, soft and slightly salty taste, with a finish that will have you reaching for another bite.

Emmentaler – This lovely pale yellow raw milk cheese from Switzerland is also lactose-free. Made from raw, grass-fed cow’s milk, it has a mild, natural and nutty taste, and becomes more piquant as the cheese ages. This cheese melts so well, and is often blended with Gruyere for fondue.

Grizzly Gouda – An extra-aged Gouda, developed by Sylvan Star in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, this lactose-free raw cow’s milk cheese is rich, nutty, and has a smooth and creamy texture. This is definitely a superstar.

Gruyére – Created from raw and fresh grass-fed cow’s milk, everyone can enjoy this lactose-free cheese. Famous in fondue, it melts divinely, and has a fresh, nutty taste and creamy texture.

Le Marechal – Another firm choice from Switzerland, perfect for picnics and paired with a glass of dry white, Marechal is robust and flavourful, made with grass-fed raw cow’s milk. This lovely Alpine cheese finishes nutty and herbed.

Riopelle – An artisanal cheese at its finest, it’s pretty, smooth centered and bloomy. Made with raw cow’s milk and cream from the Charlevoix Region of Quebec, it’s so decadent, with a hint of butter. It’s namesake is Jean-Paul Riopelle, a world-famous artist who contributed one of his paintings for the label.

Societê – Created in France’s Aveyron plateau, this Roquefort cheese is made with raw sheep’s milk. It is ripened in the original natural cellars in the Roquefort sur Soulzon. Semi-firm, lovingly creamy, a bit crumbly, it has a gentle marbling of blue that hints of butter and herb. Great in salads, atop of burgers, in cheese balls, with fruit, port or ice wine.

Tête de Moine – Remember French class? Then you’ll know the name of this cheese literally means “monk’s head”. A semi-hard, raw-milk, grass fed and lactose-free cow’s milk cheese has a smooth, can be smeared across a baguette, with fruit and meats or simply eaten alone. Served with your shaving knife called a “Girolle” or “Pirouette” (no cutting here!), the texture is fine, smooth and melts a bit in your mouth. An interesting note: monks used this cheese as a method of payment starting in the 12th century.

Vacherin Fribougois AOP A raw cow’s milk cheese created in the Alps and on the Freiburg high plateau in Switzerland, this strong-flavoured cheese offers a complex blend of floral and creamy tones. A must have on your next cheeseboard or in your next fondue.

The above cheese list is part of the core lineup of selections offered at Say Cheese Fromagerie. Visit us regularly for new and exciting additions. We’re always adding new and surprising raw milk selections, so check back with Say Cheese to see what’s in store.


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