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[blockquote]”CHEESE FACT: In 1869, English Cheese makers Green’s of Glastonbury made and gave British Queen Victoria a wedding gift of a giant 1/2 ton Cheddar wheel.” [/blockquote]

Hard Cheese, the salty, firm and stable staple, has a longer life and loads of taste. During several times in history, hard cheese was traded as currency, so stashing it away was prudent even during wars, family skirmishes and even divorce! Heck, Samuel Pepys, when under attack, dug a hole and buried cases of wine and a wheel of Parmesan cheese for safe keeping. King Henry VIII was also said to find great value and taste in hard cheese, and goes down in history as the recipient of 100 wheels of Parmesan from Pope Julius II to keep the Vatican secure in its war against the French. And you thought cheese didn’t have gooey history!

Alfred – This cheese is named for the young cheesemaker’s great uncle who instilled the love of farm life in his grandsons. This incredible Alpine cheese is made from raw and organic cow’s milk. It has such a creamy finish it puts a gruyere to shame! Le Fromager le Station is the name of their cheese making establishment, in Compton, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

– A hard cheese made from cow’s milk, a lovely but strong nutty flavour, slightly fruity and can range from classic to extra age.

Asiago Italian – Cow’s milk (skim), and the slow maturation process creates a fruity, slightly sharp cheese. Perfect with pastas, grated the same as Parmesan.

Beaufort – Sharp, zesty, and similar to Gruyere, this cow’s milk variety is great in fondue and goes well with a medium or bold white wine and fish. Made in Alpine regions.

Caerphilly – This cheddar is made in Wales, this white cheese can be creamy and fresh when young, slightly chalky when aged. Perfect with a bright Chardonnay. Made with cow`s milk, slightly citrusy with a bit of tang.

Cave Aged Gruyere – Hard to semi-hard, aged 18 months in caves, which offers a crunch, crystal-infused bite. It is also an Apline cow’s milk cheese.

Cheshire – One of the oldest cheeses in England, a crumbly textured cheddar-style cheese with a tang of orange zest. Mellow, rich, and slightly salty flavour. Made with cow’s milk.

Comté – A French Gruyere made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, this semi-hard cheese has a strong, slightly sweet flavour.

– Made from sheep’s milk, it’s aged to a flaxy colour, with a semi-firm texture, and sharp undertone.

Five Counties
– An attractive cow’s milk cheddar-style cheese consisting of five cheeses, Derby, Double Gloucester (white and coloured), Cheshire (white and coloured). Great table cheese, great with a fruity red or white.

Flavoured English Cheeses
– Made from cow’s milk, these unique cheeses featured at Say Cheese Fromagerie include Guinness-infused, Claret and Glenfiddich-infused (called Glenphilly). They are similar to a mild cheddar in texture, adding great flavour, colour, and design on a cheeseboard.

Fruited Stiltons – Young, white stiltons made from cow’s milk have a fresh lemon acidity, infused with fruit combinations. Say Cheese Fromagerie offers Mango Ginger, Apple Pear, and Apricot. Awesome with fruited crackers and light wines. They’re the talk of the party!

Grana Padanno – Perfect for grating, this hard cheese is crystalline in structure, similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano. Sharp and fantastic in pasta and top off for salads. Made in Italy.

Grana Parrano
– Dutch made from an Italian recipe, this young Parm-inspired cheese has the flavour notes of young Piave, but a smoother texture, and fruity finish.

Gruyere – Hard, yellow, and mellow, this raw cow’s milk cheese is sweet and fruity, then reveals a fruity and nutty finish. It is an Alpine cheese that goes well with a full-bodied white wine, soft to medium reds, or standing on its own with sweet or savoury. Most popular in fondues.

– This traditional cow’s milk farmhouse cheddar-style cheese hails from England. It used to come from the region of Lancashire, but is now produced throughout Britain. When young, it’s described as creamy, where the texture is moist and crumbly. As it matures, the flavour intensifies, then it is known as “Tasty Lancashire.” It’s a great table cheese, grilling or grating, it’s a superb melting cheese.

Le Marechal
– A firm choice, perfect for picnics and paired with a glass of dry white, Marechal is robust and flavourful. Made with raw cow’s milk, this Alpine cheese finishes nutty and herby.

Louis D’Or
– Another 2012 Canadian Grand Prix Grand Champion from Fromagerie du Presbytère. The taste is nutty with a hint of fruit and toffee. Rather complex, rich and creamy, it’s perfect with a nice Burgundy or Beaujolais and a fresh crusty baguette from La Boulangerie, available at Say Cheese Fromagerie every day we’re open.

The above cheese list is part of the core lineup of selections offered at Say Cheese Fromagerie. Visit us regularly for new and exciting additions.


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