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[blockquote]”CHEESY FACT: Remains of cheese have been found in Egyptian tombs over 4,000 years old.[/blockquote]

Cheddar is the pride of Canada (we’re known worldwide for this quality cheese!). Smooth, melts like a charm, perfect alone, as an accompaniment to crudites, or melted with a variety of extra goodies in a grilled sandwich (check our recipe section for some great ideas), it’s a winner all around.

Canadian Cheddars – Say Cheese carries a wide variety of Canada’s best award-winning Cheddars from hours old curds to full-flavoured seven-year aged varieties. Hailing primarily from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island, textures range from smooth, rubbery-like (youngest) to crumbly and crystalline. We offer a full line of Canadian cheddar in white and orange. The soft orange colour dates back to Britain centuries ago where milk from the spring and summer grasses had more kerotene in it, tinting the season’s cheese. The end product was cheese with an orangey glow. It became so popular, people demanded and paid more for the unique look. Annato was added to the winter milk cheese to mimic the look of the summer milk cheese, so they command an equal price.

Our selection includes Mild, Medium, Old, X-Old, XX-Old, XXX-Old, all in white or coloured.

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar – Prince Edward Island cow’s milk cheese is aged for a year and a half, created in the traditional Scottish clothbound tradition. The original recipe hailed from the Orkneys. You can taste the history of cheese making in its crumbly, full bodied flavour. Maybe it’s Nancy’s overactive olfactory skills, but she swears she can taste and smell PEI potatoes in this scrumptious cheese!

Bothwell Naturally Maplewood Smoked Cheddar
– One of Manitoba’s fine cheeses. A mature smoked cheddar with the infused scent and flavour of smoked maple wood. Complex, nutty, and full bodied, it is awesome in egg dishes, pastas, rice/risotto, and simply sliced and enjoyed with a hearty bread, charcuterie and some brown ale.

Flavoured Canadian Cheddars
– Armstrong, British Columbia brings us a variety of flavoured cheddars. Say Cheese offers maple, horseradish and Habanero pepper.

Quebec White Cheese Curds – Enjoy these curds with traditional poutine. Say Cheese even sells the St. Hubert sauce mix for an authentic poutine experience. Find out more in our What We’re Lovin’ This Season.

International Cheddar-Style

Double Gloucester
– Hails from Gloucestershire in England, this cow`s milk cheese has been made since the 1500s. The full cream milk from which this cheese is made gives it the double designation and taste. Rich, buttery with a flaky texture, it has a wonderful savoury flavour.

Irish Dubliner – Aged one year, this cow’s milk cheese has a bit of crystal in the texture, buttery yellow, dense and slightly crumbly. It’s a fabulous table cheese, really rich flavour and is exceptional on a burger. Great with beer, port and full bodied beer or reds.

Smoked Applewood Cheddar
– An English cow`s milk cheese, has the taste of a mild cheddar, with a slightly smokey undertone. It`s great served with a simple red, preferably Spanish, as well with beer and charcuterie.

The above cheese list is part of the core lineup of selections offered at Say Cheese Fromagerie. Visit us regularly for new and exciting additions.


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