About Say Cheese

How we came to love cheese.

The history. The passion.

Walk through Calgary’s Crossroads Market on any weekend, and you’ll see Say Cheese Fromagerie Owner Nancy Brown and her capable and friendly staff chatting it up with customers, slicing up some cheesy love, and offering recipe tips, and creating custom platters and gift baskets that leave a delicious impression.

All in a day’s work for Nancy.

Before acquiring the shop in 2008, (it officially opened in the market in 1996) she garnered over 20 years’ experience in retail food. Today, Nancy’s shop boasts over 300 imported and domestic cheese, from the everyday to the extraordinary. She also brings her good taste and intense knowledge of cheese to her loyal customers. In fact, she’s constantly searching out the newest and tastiest trends in the industry and can’t resist sharing her knowledge and recipes.

Her store, located in the Crossroads Market in Calgary, features fresh imported and domestic cheese, local organic dairy products, local goat’s milk, oils, olives, spreads, pasta, crackers and gifts. Her custom cheese platters and baskets add “wow factor” to private events, public tastings, and parties.  Want to go shopping at Say Cheese? Check out our map to find our location and hours by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

At Say Cheese, we love to talk about what we sell, especially the new and exciting items that come into the store every week. Our customers like to know what’s in stock, so we’ve created a special section called “What we’re lovin’ this season”.

Owner Nancy Brown and her knowledgeable staff share their favourite recipes, fresh cheese selections and go-with suggestions that will add some incredible taste to your table. GO HERE to find out what cheese and go withs are getting the love this month.

Fromage 101

Unravel the mystery of cheese!

“A meal without some cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye.”
Jean Anthelme

Cheese is more than just an appetizer or ingredient in a meal. It’s a wonder of nature. Who would have thought to work cow, sheep or goat’s milk into such a distinct and delicious shape, colour, taste and smell.

We can thank dairy artisans, monks, farmers and peasants over the centuries who toiled at creating the best tasting fromage all over the world. The cool thing is, cheese has more than just a culinary history. There’s love, war, politics and money wrapped up into all its gooeyness.

We’ve created a brief history of cheese, how it began, how it’s made and even how it became a form of currency in the world. Believe it or not, word has it that you can still use a wheel of Parmaggiano Reggiano as a down payment for a home in Italy. Bone up on more delectable cheese trivia at Fromage 101. Get some education about CHEESE!